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     Vaishnavdevi shrine is located in the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir. A small town Katra is the way and means for reaching out to the temple. The town is located in a high altitude and in the hilly region of lower Himalayas in the Trikuta range . Similarly, the case with the shrine of Vaishnavdevi, situated about 61 kms from Jammu, in the  an altitude of about 5,200 feet over the sea level. The exact location of the site up hill is around 14 kms from the Katra town . On reaching out here, the experience is totally a different. Enchanting view of the different valleys, filled with lush green trees, humming sounds of the bees and chirping sounds of the birds, echoes of the devotees "Jai mata ki"," Jai mata di", Jai Jai maiya and so on,  all along the path and water falls with their silvery brightness is not a thing to miss. All that is worth seeing and admiring far away from the madding crowd, unending sounds of the modern machines and vehicles. To reach on to the top of the hill one has to climb up by any of the routes available there.  Devotees from all over India and abroad  comes here to have a  'Darshan'  of the Goddess presiding in the hills. Pilgrims in the earlier day’s  used to begin their journey during the days of  'Navaratri' (  a special night in September)  and continuing  for 3 months consecutively. During these three months at  Katra, Vaishnavdevi  and other temples hosts many  wonderful programs dedicated to the Goddess.  The   'Homos' and 'Yagnas' (rituals)celebrated by the devotees and pilgrims. There is an un-disputed belief about the Holy Places or Teerthasthal that they provide the much needed relief, peace and happiness to the visitor who came under the refuge of Mother Goddess from the daily hustles of life.  Before going for the Darshan of Goddess one has to bathe in variably. There are various bathing places made for the same purpose.

      There is also arrangements at  â€?a name="Charanganga">Charangangaâ€? which comes out of the holy cave. People can use this water for bathing. Then after the pilgrims sit down as per the serial number on the given slip and wait for their turn to have a  Darshan of Goddess. It is to be noted that the pilgrims are not allowed to carry any sort of leather items, cigarettes or any other intoxicants while visiting the holy shrine. In the main entrance of the cave, there is a huge stone lying which is called Bhairav’s body.   There is a continuous water flow from this cave. One will not be in a position to stand erect anywhere inside  the cave. In fact no body can under stand the intricacy of the shape of the cave, shrine and the rest of the things in the Vaishnavdevi. One who is really bestowed with the grace of the Goddess for her Darshan only can understand this metaphysical phenomenon.  Here in the cave of the hills Goddess Vaishnavdevi is presiding deity in Her earthly abode in the forms of Mahalakshmi, Mashasaraswati and Mahakali.

     Some people  says that out of the three presiding deities, the prominent incarnation is Goddess Vaishnavdevi. Speaking about the cave, the space would be sufficient for 3-4 people. Seated here in the very place Pundit takes the offerings of the devotees to the Goddess and gives out ‘Prasadâ€?to the devotees. After taking a Darshan people have to come out though the new exit, which is made a few years ago for the convenience of the pilgrims by the Shrine Board. After coming out of the temple people worship young girls and serve them Puri and Halwah( prasad ). After visiting Goddess Vaishnavdevi, people start their return journey towards Katra with Darshan of Bhairavnath where their pilgrimage ends at.