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      It is about 3 hours journey by bus from Pathankot to Jammu. Now-a- days, even the trains run up to Jammu. Pilgrims can reach Katra by bus within 2 hours time From the city. The distance from Jammu to Katra is about 52 kms. From Katra pilgrims set their Journey on foot to Vaishnavdevi. People who are unable to walk can hire ponies, horses and palanquins etc. depending on the choice of the individual. An average healthy person takes about 4 hours to climb the hill. Everyone has to get a journey endorsement slip at the entrance gate, this can be obtained free of cost from Katra bus stand . Even the other modes of journey commence from this place, where everyone is expected to register inevitably.

     The second day used to begin after completing the ablutions, by taking bath in the holy waters of Charanganga whose water is very cool and as bright as silver is. Dressing in fresh clothes the devotees move out for the Darshan of Goddess. During the times when there was no electricity available, people used to light the country made torches all along the journey. Pilgrims proceed for Darshan of goddess happily chanting the Jaykar (praise) "Jay mata –ki" to each other whoever they face and proceed for Darshan of Goddess. Pitch darkness and Chill waters of Charanganga, does not trouble the pilgrims but provides peace and happiness. During the process of Darshan, description of Goddess, history of the temple etc., will be given by the Pundit/ Pujari (the priests) and they also accepts the offerings of the devotees. He then gives the sanctified water (Teerth) and remainant of eatables (Prasad) of the Goddess. Thus pilgrims pouring in from all parts of the country, feel very happy, thinking themselves to be very fortunate to have the Darshan of Goddess and come out of the cave. Exiting from the cave, devotees offer their respects to the young girls and distribute ‘Chunniesâ€? gives food to Sadhus (hermits) and other presents there. After this, the pilgrims too take Prasad and other food articles and prepare for their return.