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     There is an un-disputed belief about the holy places or 'Teertsthal' that they provide the much needed relief, peace and happiness to the visitor. Like wise the case with the Shrine of Vaishnavdevi, situated about 52 kms from Jammu, in the Indian Hill State of Jammu and Kashmir at an altitude of about 6,000 kms (AMSL) is jam packed with devotees standing in queue fervently to have a Darshan of the All giving deity.

     The people used to offer the Goddess with coconut, Mauli (sacred thread) Lal Chunni (red scarf) with gold/ silver trimming, vermilion, incense, Mehndi (henna), Supari  (beetle nut) dry fruits and Chattar (umbrella). These paraphernalia can be obtained from the near by shops in a good price.

     In Katra, (Vaishnodevi) there are so many trusts that perform several elaborate Yagnas and Homas (rituals). These are performed individually and collectively also. They distribute lots of Puries and Halwa amongst the pilgrims. This shrine has a specialty that the people from different part of the world arrive all the  times. For example, people from Punjab arrive during Navratri and people from Bengal and Maharastra arrive after Marghaseersha Chaturdasi. Traders who visit the shrine use to distribute amongst the poor and needy their own product. For example, a cloth merchant who wants to give some charity to the poor used to bring cloth and make in to pieces and distribute. Similarly a trader in wool brings sweaters, shawls, blankets and other woolen items to the poor and needy. Yet, there is another thing which is very famous thing that the saints and Sadhus who are staying here build temporary shelters in which they used to serve  Chena (Bengalgrams) and drinking water for the pilgrims throughout  the season (three months). In the earlier days, there were only steps to climb to visit the Goddess. But these were very steep subjecting the pilgrims to a very tiresome journey. A person with lack of determination feel that he can not move further, with a feeling of thirst, choked throat and sweat. But with all these hurdle devotees visit Goddess with renewed faith and reverence.

     Now, only a handful of people is giving importance for the Yagnas and Homas (rituals) of the past, which were conducted on the Shrine. Due to a heavy inflow of devotees, the Yatra is continued round the clock- forgetting the nightsâ€? rest of the earlier days. With many fold increase in the number of pilgrims, unending queues, the pilgrims are sent out within no time. They hardly get a glimpse of Goddess and are pushed out so that the other devotees in queue also get a chance to have  Darshan. Feeling of oneness, love and affectionate treatment to the pilgrims merely remained a thing of the past.

     There is another popular belief that the persons who goes to there are to response the call of the Goddess. And who ever goes there never comes empty handed. Vaishnavdevi is believed to be the bestowal of wealth, bravery, health, and wisdom to her devotees and also annihilate internal and external fears. Devotees approached this Goddess with love and reverence and begged for any boon, they have been bestowed. Goddess. This staunch belief of the devotees makes them to throng to this hill shrine from all over the world in season and out of season.