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     Vaishnavdevi temple is an extraordinary structure that was built naturally in the up hill at the location with an altitude of 6000 feet (ASML). The temple was existing in the cave since the primeval days. It comes in the mythology that the shrine was built by the Pandav brothers (Mahabharat epic) which is Around ninety feet structure. Icons of several Hindu deities and demigod and goddess are inscribed on it. Sculpted Vakra Tunda Ganesha, Surya Dev, Chandra Dev could be seen at the entrace of the gate and when one creep in side the grotto Lord Bramha, Vishnu, Maheswera,Kamadhenu, Pandav brothers Hanuman as Launkra Veer gives Darshan throughout the tunnel. Besides the emblem of Shanka (Conch) Chakra(Wheel), Gada(Mace) Padma (Lotus) are engraved there in.

     Incourse of time, the devotees of the Goddess had transformed the stone structure into a temple built of concrete. And now it is a beautiful construction. As one enters into the temple compound, on the right side is the big building built by the Sridhar Sabha, in which thousands of pilgrims can be accommodated. Again if one proceeds a little further, can find multi-storied buildings built by Rawalpindi Sabha. In addition to this there is also a huge building built by Raja Ranvir Singh. There are all sorts of facilities available in this place. Be depositing some advance amount one can get all required items like blankets, bed-covers, quilts, torches, lanterns, cooking items, kitchen items. There shall be no problem or inconvenience of any sort. There are restaurants and hotels, which are opened round the clock where food, tea, snacks, Puja (worship) paraphernalia etc. are available all 24 hours day.