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Though Jammu is  not an attractive city, yet it has the following places, which are worth visiting. Kali Temple is the another destination for the followers of Shakti Puja (worship of power) and the pilgrims who are the true devotees of the Goddess Raghunath Temple and Rambireswar Temple are the places for the pious and spiritual people. Sanskrit Library full of ancient scriptures and holy books for the bibliophiles. High Court an important monument while Amar Mahal Museum open for all and sundry . Dogra Art Gallery a place for the lovers of art and craft where's Bahu Port is another attraction.

Shri Raghu-Nath Temple at Jammu
Shri Raghu-Nath,Temple at Katra,
Duja Darshan
Shali Gram,
Bus Stand Katra,
Darshani Darwaza
Adhee Kumari,
Agar Baba Jitoo,
Banganga Temple & Bridge,
Charan Paduka Temple,
Hathi-Matha Ascent,
Bhumika Temple, 
Sanji Chhat,
Holy Mother's Temple 
Cave, New Cave

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