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Travelling Booking

     There are many travel agencies and bookies who conduct tour to Vaishnavdevi and also arranges train air tickets along with the accommodation for he devotees and tourists who are aspirant to visit the Shrine in any period of time round the year. It is safe and convenient to travel in their guidance and company because the strangers in the place may face some problems resulted by ignorance and lack of awareness. The agencies are well conversant with the ins and outs of the place inclusive of all most all things. Hence consulting with them about the requirement, proper time of visiting, precautions and other things one can be easily makes him/herself ready to be mentally and physically prepared for the adverse pilgrimage or adventurous journey. The travel agencies and bookies and obviously charges for their services but its quite reasonable too go with them .Current booking and advance booking facilities are available with them through out the year. They also make provisions for bus, train and air journeys from and to all over.