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     Jammu and Kashmir has prominence of being the winter capital of the country. The climate of the state and the Vaishnavdevi shrine is similar to that of any Indian hill station in the northern part of India. The seasons here could be divided in to three main seasons. Summer, Rainy and winter. As this is situated here in the hills of Jammu, at an altitude of about 6,800 feet( ASML) hence  maximum of winter is experienced here.

     The summer season begins in April and continues till middle of June. In peak of summer season the temperature goes up to a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius. The monsoon begins in the middle of June and continues till August and at times prolonged up to middle of September. This region receives moderate to heavy rainfall in general. Winter season begins from September and continues till March. So the best period to visit this place is between November to March. Nevertheless, swarm of pilgrims are always massive in the place through out the year. The visitors are advised to follow precautionary measures according to the seasons while visiting the pilgrimage.