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     Years ago there was a girl  born from Lord Vishnu's Pedigree some where in south India as Ratnakar Sagar's daughter. Her name was Trikuta and she was a sheer devotee of Lord Vishnu. It is also said that she was the eldest of seven sisters namely Knagra, Jwalaji, Chamunda, Chintapurni, Naina, and Mansa. Trikuta had also mentally accepted Vishnu as her dream boat. Thus she had fallen in love with Sri Ram an incarnation of Vishnu In the Tretaya Yuga ( Legendary age in Hindu mythology). The girl used to remain betrothed in the penance and meditation of  of Vishnu all the time near the seashore. Happly Sri Ram  came across  her while he was on the way to Lanka to retrieve his beloved wife Sita Devi who had held by  the demon king Ravan againt her will after abducting her in disguise (Ramayana epic). Trikuta the supernatural girl had put her wish in to words  that she is  helplessly  in love with Him and thus request SriRam to marry her. But Ram was under the rigid vow of monogamy and can't trespass His own principle diverting  sharing the love for Sita Devi with any other. Hence He assured Her to not to be unhappy and despondent rather wait for the high time when He Himself will come to the earth with an another incarnation as Kalki (Lord Vishnu's incarnation ) and then He will reciprocate the love of the His devotee and then they will go to the world. 

     Therefore, Trikuta went to the hill valley of the Himalayas keep on her meditation and cherish the love for Her aficionado and waiting for her till date. Upon her name the hill range is called as Trikuta Mountains and as being the  adherent of  Lord Vishnu Her name is Vaishnodevi. In between Sri Ram had gone to her to keep his promise but the Goddess couldn't recon Him as he was in guise of an old hermit. But as per the precondition the Goddess had to recognize Him  ant any rate. Thus she  again missed the chance to get the requital of  her love from Sri Ram and kept on looming for  Him.

     When Trikuta had gone to Himalayas an evil man Bhairavnath wanted to becharm her with his black magic thinking the Goddess as an ordinary maid  whose beauty was unusual and  enough to magnetize any of the man on the world. Once the juggler followed  up the Goddess to woo with his mal intention. But the omniscient deity had known his  purpose and sped an arrow to the earth to bring out water and that's where the present stream is flowing  out. And this is to reveal that  the Girl was not usual rather a supernatural being butt t he  blunt doer didn't  understand it and chased Her recklessly. Hence the Goddess decapitate the demon. But at the death bed, he had implore the Goddess for apology and graced by her.